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2017 Campus Master Plan Update


2017 Annual Report Cover

     2017 Master Plan & Climate Action Plan Publication
      (Combined with the 2017 Operations Annual Report. See pages 23-26)

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Master Planning at Mizzou

Mizzou’s Campus Master Plan and Climate Action Plan are updated annually, allowing for flexibility to better address the needs of an ever-changing campus.

From its first Master Plan in 1982, MU blazed its own path, choosing an annual update as opposed to other universities that plan every five-or-more years. The campus has grown in acreage by purchasing adjoining properties and redefining boundaries. Homes and parking lots have been replaced with additional residence halls, athletic facilities and classroom buildings with recreation and green space in between. Over time, while the master planner has changed, the vision hasn’t.

Additional planners work specifically with Intercollegiate Athletics, stormwater, utilities, parking, and other functions on campus, but always in conjunction with the master planner.

This year’s plan continues to focus on fiscal and environmental stewardship. Because the MU Operations annual report and MU Master Plan and Climate Action Plan overlapped, the documents have been combined, saving time
and resources.


Design Principles

Established in 2002, the University of Missouri’s Design Principles reflect the “sense of place” achieved through cohesion in architecture and landscape. These principles are intended to give consultant groups guidance with issues such as:

  • • building massing and scale
  • • relationships to existing buildings through use of materials
  • • textures and colors in creating building environments
  • • shaping open spaces while maintaining the historic character and traditions of the campus

Over the past 15 years, the campus has experienced significant growth, which has necessitated the addition of companion guidelines.

Meanwhile, Campus Facilities has been operating with a renewed emphasis on stewardship, which encompasses not only the history of the campus but also fiscal accountability to the citizenry.

The updated design principles will be used by campus committees, including the Architectural Review Committee. MU anticipates completing a draft in Summer 2017.